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Autofromchina Technical support process

Autofromchina Technical support process

Step 1 The customer sends the vehicle problem to AFC in the form of pictures or videos

Step 2  AFC conducts a technical evaluation after receiving the feedback from customers.And reply to the customer whether the case is accepted within 3 working days.

Step 3  After receiving the AFC acceptance reply, the customer needs to pay 100USD technical consultation fee in advance. >>>>>>Pay link

Step 4  After AFC receives the 100USD fee from the customer, it will give the cause of the failure, as well as the method of troubleshooting. Estimate the initial budget for solving the problem.

Step 5  The client agrees to the budget and pays the budget to AFC

Step 6  After AFC receives the fee, it will assign a professional engineer to handle the case.

Remarks: If the engineer needs to go abroad to operate, the visa, passport, air ticket, room and board, and salary that need to go abroad are borne by the customer.