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2017 used Baojun 730 MPV ,1.5L DCT ,7Seats Sale
2018 used Baojun 360, 6seat MPV ,1.5L automatic full option Sale
2015 Used JAC Refine M3 Small MPV  , 1.6L Manual ,Luxury Edition Sale
used 2008 Mazda  5 MPV  2.0T Automatic Full Option Sale
2017 Used dongfeng Lingzhi M3 MPV  , 1.6L Manual 7 Seats Sale
2016 Used JAC Refine M3 MPV,1.6L Automatic Full Option Luxury Edition ,7Seats Sale
2017 used dongfeng fengxing lingzhi M5 MPV ,1.6T  Standard edition Sale
2013 used Volkswagen Touran MPV,1.4T 7DCT Euro V Sale
Used 2011 Kia Jiale MPV ,2.0T ,Automatic Full Option,Luxury  Edition,7 Seats Sale
2017 Used BYD SongMax MPV  1.5T ,Manual ,7Seats Sale
2018 Used Baojun 360 MPV,1.5L Automatic Full Option 5AMT Sale
2013 Used BYD M6  MPV,2.4T  Manual, Euro IV,7Seats Sale
2016 Used Baojun 730 MPV,1.5T,Manual 7Seats Sale
2018 Used Ford Tourneo Custom  SUV ,2.0T Automatic Hight Match Sale
2018 Used BYD Song Max MPV  ,1.5T Automatic Full Option Sale
2016 Used Baojun 730 MPV,1.5T 5MT 7Seats Sale
2015 Used JAC Refine MPV ,2.0T, 5MT Sale
2019 Used JAC Refine M3 MPV ,1.8T, 5MT 7Seats Sale
2018 Used Changan A600EV Electric MPV ,NEDC Range 315 km Sale
2017 Used BYD Song MAX MPV ,1.5T Automatic Full Option,7Seats Sale