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Used  2018 model JIM Ruimai Pickup , 2.5T  Diesel engine ,4WD Manual  Toppest version Sale
Used 2019 model  Nissan Navara pickup  ,2.0T  Automatic Full Option Sale
Used 2022 model Changan Kaicene Pickup 2.4T Gasoline ,4WD 4K22D4T Sale
Used 2018 Foton  Pickup ,2.0T Gasoline Automatic Full Option 4WD  30units leftover stock Sale
Used 2020 model Great Wall Fengjun7 pickup ,2.0T Manual Diesel GW4D20M Sale
Used 2021 Huanghai N1 Pickup  ,2.5T Long box diesel 4WD  Manual Sale
Used 2021 Great Wall Pao Pickup ,2.0T  Manual 4WD Euro VI Sale
Used 2021 Foton G9 Pickup ,2.0T Automatic Full Option 4WD Sale
Used 2017 model Ford Raptor F150 SUV,3.5T TV6 Automatic full option 4*4 4WD Sale
Used 2020 Great Wall Wingle 7 pickup ,2.0T Diesel 4WD Toppest Edition Sale
Used 2020 Great Wall Wingle 7 Diesel, Big Double Top ,multi-function steering wheel,2.0T , with sunroof ,ODOmeter 20000km Sale
Used 2018 ISUZU D-MAX ,3.0T 4WD, Super Deluxe Edition,Diesel Automatic, ODOmeter 13000km Sale
Used 2021 ISUZU Lingtuo ,2.5T 4WD ,Diesel ,Manual ,Multifunctional steering wheel, touch screen, carbon fiber seat,ODOmeter 2000km Sale
Used 2015  ISUZU Pickup ,2.8L 4WD 4JB1CT Sale
Used 2018 Qiling T100 Pickup 2.2L T100S Luxury Edition JML Double row V22 Sale
used 2013 Great Wall Fengjun5 Pickup 2.0T GW4D20B 6MT Sale
used 2014 Cheetah CT5 Pickup 2.4L,2WD ,4G69S4N  ,cheap price for sale Sale
2018 year Huanghai N3 pickup full option 2.4T 4WD Sale
2021 used Foton G9 Pickup ,2WD 2.0T Sale
2013 used Foday Master F16 pickup  ,2.2L , Manual Sale