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New Cars only list cars that are in new condition. It could be the new model in this year, or stock inventory of previous years that is in new condition.

We sell Sedan, SUV, Bus, Truck, Equipment and other car types that are all in new condition. Contact us if you have any questions.
2018 New Beijing Changhe Beidouxing X5E ,268km NEDC Range ,350pcs Leftover Stock Sale
2020 New JAC Jiayue X8 SUV ,Euro VI 6DCT 1.5T 7Seats Sale
2020 New JAC Jiayue  X7 SUV ,Euro VI  6DCT Sale
2020 New JAC IEVS4 Electric  SUV ,401KM NEDC Range , 55kwh LifePO4 Bettery Sale
2018-2019  New Karry K60EV Electric  SUV  ,Leftover Stock Sale
2020 New Xpeng G3 Luxury Electric Car ,460KW NEDC Range, Fast Speed Electric SUV Sale
New 2019 Beijing EV  EC3 Electric Car ,300KM NEDC Range Sale
2020 New Changan CS75 SUV  Automatic Full Option Sale
New Great Wall Ora R1 Electric Mini Car ,301KM NEDC Range Sale
New JAC Iev6e  Electric Mini Car ,310km NEDC Range Sale
New Chevrolet Chuangku SUV ,Low Price for Sale Sale
New Dongfeng Venucia Star  SUV Sale
New Hyundai ix35 SUV ,6MT ,2.0T,Good Price Sale
New Cheetah Mattu SUV,Leftover Stock Sale
New Hanteng X5 Electric SUV ,252km NEDC Range Sale
2018 New Yema SQJ6460B2 SUV, 2Pcs Leftover Stock Sale
Tongke Fu STJ6401A Mini Bus ,20pcs Leftover Stock ,Cheap Price From China Sale
New 371HP Hovo Dump Truck  ,20pcs Leftover Stock ,Good Price Sale
New Ford EcoSport SUV ,1.5T ,Euro V Automatic Engine Sale
New Beijing Changhe Q7 SUV ,Gasoline Leftover Stock Sale