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2011 used Hyundai  Celesta (Yuedong) ,1.6L Automatic Luxury Edition Sale
2011 used Toyota Corolla ,1.6L Automatic  GL Sale
2017 used Haima M6, 1.5T CVT Sale
2017 Used Geely Emgrand GL  Sedan ,Manual 1.8T Sale
Used 2012 Volvo (import) T5 Confort edition .2.0T Sale
2006 used  Mazda 6 sedan ,2.0L Manual,Good price for sale Sale
Used 2017  Haima Familie sedan ,1.6T  Manual Sale
Used 2017 Chery Arrizo 5 sedan ,1.5T Automatic Full Option ,Luxury Edition Sale
Used 2011 Changan Suzuki Tianyu SX4  ,1.6L,Automatic Full Option Sale
2016 Used  Changan Suzuki Qiyue ,1.6L, Manual Sale
Used 2013 Ford Fiesta  ,1.5L, Manual fashion edition Sale
Used 2015 Volkswagen Santana,1.6T Automatic  Full Option Sale
Used 2017 Roewe 360 ,1.5T,Manual  Luxury  Edition Sale
Used 2013 Dongfeng Peugeot 408 2.0L Manual  Luxry Edition Sale
2015 used Honda Crider ,1.8T Automatic Luxury Edition Sale
2015 Used Kia K3 sedan  , 1.8L Automatic Full Option Sale
2015 Used Ford Focus Sedan , 1.6L Automatic,Luxury Edition Sale
2019 Used Chevrolet Cruze RS 330T Sedan   ,1.3T  Automatic Sale
2015 used Trumpchi GA5 Electric Sedan,NEDC Range 50 km, Extended Program  Premium Edition Sale
2013 Used Dongfeng Venucia R50 1.6L Automatic Full Option fashion  edition Sale